Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Everything-ness of Education

The today of profound evolution, the broadness of materialism, the absence of spirituality and finally, the nowhere of the world, are the instigations of this essay. So what are the elements that constitute humanness? How do we start? And how do we know our dooms?

Education! From its genuine purpose, is the first and last constitution of humanness, is where our human element start and finally, the one that we will leave this human world with.

From the matter of fact, there is nothing that can change the courses of human life; positively and negatively, materially and spiritually, than the education does. Imagine how have the education benefited those who have it and know how to use it and the danger of those who are educationally absentminded.

The world "education" does not single-mindedly refer to one granted from academic institution, but refer to the education that does fill the purpose of humanness and that finally make human intentionally adequate. The everything-ness of education, in this sense, will only apply to those who use education for spiritual purpose and who really know the genuine point of education.

The value of education does not apply to those who have and will have Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate degree, but it only apply to those who understand or are looking forward to the innate meaning and the sole purpose of education. Education is everything, because the purpose contained in education is also the purpose of human being.

The purpose of this article is not to explain innate genuineness of education, but it would serve as the thinking-syndication for those searching for education for spiritual or material prosperity.

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